Hobart Language Day

The Tasmanian Language Cafe

The Tasmanian Language Cafe is a set of interviews about the diverse languages that are spoken in Tasmania, Australia. The purpose of the project is to explore the importance of language in maintaining culture and identity, both for immigrants to Australia and for indigenous Tasmanians.

The idea was developed and realised by Sonia Parra following on from her work organising the Hobart Language Day which has been running since 2015 in Hobart, Tasmania.

"Why I settled in Tasmania" is a radio project of life stories from members of the Hazara, Karen, Nepalese, Oromo and South Sudan/Uganda communities, who share their experiences as refugees, their process of adjustment to Tasmania and why they decided to stay here when many people from their communities have moved interstate.

The project was produced with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) and was conducted by Sonia Parra. It was broadcast on "Hobart FM" 92.1/96.1 FM from the 22nd July 2017, every Saturday at 10am-11am finishing on the 26th August 2017.

The Second part of the project was broadcast from November 2020 to February 2021.

Join us here to listen to the interviews after they have gone to air.

The Nepalese Community
The Karen Community
The Oromo Community
The South Sudan Community
The Hazara Community, Part 1
The Hazara Community, Part 2
The Indian Community
The Georgian Community
The Spanish Speaking ommunity

Listen to the radio program in Spanish, which goes to air every Sunday from 10am to 11 midday on Hobart FM 96.1, Hobart, Tasmania
An Interview with Gael Mabo, daughter Eddie Mabo
This radio program "Here Spanish spoken" made by Sonia Parra, won the 2015 Women's Program of the year of the National Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcaster's Council Emitted on Sunday 5 of July 2015.
Hamlet de los Andes, 22 March 2015.
An interview with a Bolivian theatrical group who came to Hobart, Tasmania to present their adaptation of William Shakespeares play "Hamlet". The group were in Tasmania for the "Ten Days on the Island" festival.
Earthship/Tierranave, Enero 18 de 2015.
An interview about the sustainable building method "Earthship" which has been followed on a number of sites in Tasmania.
Climate Change, 8th of December 2013
An interview with a CSIRO scientist based in hobart about climate change.